Too good to be true??? Possible scam

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First time poster and new member. hi everyone

So I've recently been browser shopping for an xmaxx after getting back into rc's, while I was endless scrolling on "xxxxxxxxxx" an ad appeared for a website "xxxxxxxxxx" they seem to have some extremely good deals maybe a little too good to be true?

Has anyone heard of them? they seem to have named themselves on "xxxxxxxxxx".
I've removed the sites and references to them for the protection of our members.
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Welcome to RCT. If it sounds too good to be true it more than likely is. Anyone claiming to sell a name brand product for hundreds less than what they retail for is trying to rip you off


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Welcome in @Superchargedjato , I agree with the "sounds to good to be true". If top retailers like Horizon Hobbies, Tower Hobbies, RCPlantet, places like this are out of stock then I would shy away from anyplace I've never heard of.


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It happened to me. I hot taken for a 65 dollar maxx 4a. Site claimed what you saw is what you got. I ordered it and some chinese pos 1/16 scale showed up 2 months later. Needless to say I had my words with them and they refunded the purchase and let me keep the truck. Its actually not a bad little thing. My younger nieces and nephews love it so it worked out. Just beware what you order. Especially when it says hong kong or anywhere overseas

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