Tmaxx making loud grinding sound

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My newer tmaxx was working good but then it started making a loud grinding sound, I think the problem is something with the transmission, cause the large black gear seems to be spinning fine. It sounds like the noise is happening after it goes into transmission. Does anyone have an idea for what it is or if it is fixable?


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the beautiful thing is that anything with these RC's is fixable, it could be a few things, ranging from the 2 speed gears got stripped, to the reverse mechanism let go, or might just be stuck partially in gear. i would double check your forward/reverse shift linkage is going all the way either direction, if it is still doing it going to be tearing down the tranny.
surprisingly simple on those, just take pics and follow this:
if yours is the 3.3:
if yours is not the 3.3:


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Before I go off ripping the trans apart looking for ghost ,I would check the rest of the running gear!

There is other places that can make those sounds ,even a drive shaft or axle that is under stress an binding ,
or a diff or a wheel bearing!
So ,I would check those area's first ,an make sure your truck rolls smoothly & freely by pushing it by hand ,
it can also not make a noise with that ,an make noise under power as the torque transfers power to those

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