the best web site graphics..

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i wish. I am going to use there bb stuff though!!!!
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Man, the graphics there are just cool beans. I wonder who did them. They really earned their pay on that one!
I also make images and Top URL's is not the best work I've seen I could prolly do better

I showed some to this website but I didn't get no response if any one wants to see some of my work contact me on AIM: UndefinedSilence
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Cool looks like the site is at 21 now:)
WOW were at 18 now !!! We are going to make it to #1!
Originally posted by TINY_MAXX
WOW were at 18 now !!! We are going to make it to #1!
Wishful thinking. Maybe one day but not too soon, see the difference in numbers between #1 and #18 and I don't mean 1 - 18 I mean the # of votes.
just vote every few minutes.
i think, I have been and i know short is as well!!! try it !!
I've got one IP address here at work and 2 at home. I'm guessing they are limiting by IP address, so I just click off about 10 votes on each IP address as often as I can remember to.

I wish I knew what their tally method was so I could coordinate better and get the max number of votes in with as little effort as possible.
last i saw it the rank was 16!!!!!

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