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Howdy. Just joined, looks like a great forum. I build small gas engines as a hobby. My current engine has a cheap carb of about 3 mm choke size. I would like to get a better carb but called Tower hobbies today and they said all the small engines were now electric, no help. Anyway can some one steer me to a source or if you have a spare let me know. I could perhaps use a slightly larger carb by making a restrictor for the inlet.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, John in Wyoming


Dekalb, IL
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Gas engine or nitro? Gravity feed or pump feed? What size engine (ci/cc)?

Can still find carbs... kind of silly for them to say that. Nitro has waned considerably, but they are still around.


RC Newbie
Gas engine or nitro? Gravity feed or pump feed? What size engine (ci/cc)?

Can still find carbs... kind of silly for them to say that. Nitro has waned considerably, but they are still around.
The engine is gravity feed on av gas. Since it’s a 4 stroke it dosent need as large a carb as a corresponding size 2 stroke. The engine is 2 cyl 3/4” bore 3/4” bore. The 3 mm carb I have seems about the right size but is pretty crude in terms of design compared to. The newer carbs I’ve seen. I have had good luck with OS carbs on other, larger engines.

Thanks for the reply



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I can't help with a carb, but I would like to know what you are going to use that in. It's a really cool build: way above my pay grade.
Please sent some pic's with it installed.
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