RC10T3, need that hot nasty speed. (8 cell NiMH)

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Lambo Rodriguez

RC Newbie
Hey dudes-

I have an old school T3 I brought back from the dead.
I built a pretty legit track at my house. I'll post a video later...

I am currently doing 7cell NiMH 12t motor.
I drive this thing everyday so I got used to it pretty quick.

I want more speed. Like all Americans I firmly believe that too fast is not fast enough.
Imagine your strapped into a Saturn VI rocket resting on the launch pad and lift off starts at the same instant you crack open a luke warm Mountain-Dew Code Red while NASA controllers blast Blur over the intercom voiding all safety precautions.

^^ that's the level of speed I want.

Now I am having trouble finding a speed controller rated for 8 cell NiMH (or at least one that says that explicitly).
Ideally I want to be able to do 8 Cells and still use the 12T motor. That way I can switch back to 6 or 7 cells and still haul a$$

Is there a decent esc that can handle that for $50 or under?

I do not want to do LiPo's or brushless.

Lambo Rodriguez

RC Newbie
ooooo looks good!

One thing I've been noticing is that the cont. current limits don't seem to match up...

For instance, my esc is rated for 35A, 8,4v.
assuming my motor resistance 50mOhm (NO-LOAD), at 8.4v I should be sinking 168A. Way over the 35A limit.

I understand that when the motor is doing something the resistance will be way more plus the internal resistance of the battery and the FET's RdsON, and more.

Is there a short hand for figuring out the continuous current using the no-load SC condition?

I guess I could just assume the motor is %80 percent efficient and just have the %20 loss be attributed to the 50mOhm,


56A w/ %80 efficiency
49.7A w/ %85 efficiency
35A w/ %93.5 efficiency
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RCNT Basher
Central California
RC Driving Style
If you are sticking with the NiMH Batteries and brushed motor, I would go with an old school racing ESC. Like TNT mentioned, the Tekin 420 is a good one. Another really good one is the Tekin 411G, and 411P. The number states how many cells they will handle. For example, 411 means it will handle 4 to 11 cells. 420 means it handles 4 to 20, which was used by dragsters and people looking to dump serious power. All these units will handle just about every 540 brushed motor out there. Keep in mind, due to them being designed for racing, they do not have reverse. Just forward and brake. You can find used ones for around $40. The Hobbywing Quicrun WP 1080 will not handle the 8 cells. It only goes to 7.4v.

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