one way bearing in bits

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my one way bearing dismantled itself after just over 1 gallon of fuel through the mill,is this good bad or average life of a bearing.
i have one spare and a spare pull start,but on the strength of this should i stock up more.
I have not heard of one falling apart like that...I have heard (and had one of my own)...freezing solid, locked onto the crankshaft. Did you contact Traxxas Support?

They replaced my bearing, replaced the crank and sent it all back to me with a new piston and sleeve too!
sorry i forgot to say it is a .15 cvrx.i contacted the uk importer and they want me to send it in with the pullstart,i said it has been replaced and put back on,but they still want the pullstart.
i think it is so i tell them to forget about it and saving them money:bandit:
can't you send the blown bearing back, and get a new one, and keep it as a spare?:confused:
i have just ordered 2 complete pullstart assemblies as spares these have a bearing in it.some time ago i spoke to the tech at the importers for os,he said any warranty claims they feel are not 100% they wait 2 months and argue to show thwy are not a pushover.i don`t fancy that so i`ll take the loss unless they agree not to want the pullstart too.:bored: