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Hello i am a new member here and i have a story about my NTC3...

One day i was driving my tc3 over at a friends house. it was a nice day and we were driving it out fronte in the middle of the street. when out of the blue my transmitter went dead!!!!! before i could do anything, the car veared into a parked car!!!! the whole left side front syspension system was torn out of the car!!!! and it did not stop there, it kept on going to hit yet another parked car. no new damage that time. hitting the parked car through it into a cyclone spin were i through myself on top of the car to kill the engine.

i have pics of the damage if you all would to see them.

just leave a post in this thread and i will respond to them.

also if you have any stories or pics of your cars please post them
i would like to read them and see the pics.

lmk ok later all happy story telling
i would need your email address. the forum will not give it to me
That sucks. You could post some of the pics for everyone. I would like to take a look at the pics. You should be able to get to my e-mail address thru the profile button. But either way mine is [email protected].

does your ntc3 spin the rear wheels alot
sorry guys the pics are too larger even after compression to post.

my ntc3 does not spin it's back tires. i have a front one way that pretty much pulls the car more than push it. i now have a cheeze web site the has all of my pics of the wreak. the site is check it out
link says its still under construction:confused:
Sorry guys the link was misspelled. Here is the right on:

sorry for the mix up oh and i can't cut them down in photoshop cause they are realy close up pics and they take up a lot of the picture. well here you guys go
OMG thats not even so bad. my friend has his go full on into a wall for 50 bucks. the chassis broke into two pieces! thats right 2 pieces! the front half of it was stuck in a tree. it was like a plastic rainstorm. parts everywhere! HILARIOUS!!!:banana:
well i did say it was the worst crash i have ever had!!!!
it is not the worst crash that i have ever hurd of.
one time a friend of mine was racing his serpent and he took one moment to look at the car behind him and that is when he forgot to make the turn off the straight away and blawded into the reinforced wall, his 4.5mm chassis snapped in two!! and litteraly the part of the car that broke off disintergrated.(broke into a thousand little pieaces) well i want to hear all of you guys stories and see some pics. and if you tell me it is ok i will post it on my cheezy web site. so tell some stories!!!!!

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