New Rustler transmission, slash lower chassis plate, custom mount for savox mini servo

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I got in the Traxxas magnum 272R transmission from Jenny's RC. I got the case and internals separate from the plate and slipper assembly. Didn't include any hardware but that's fine since I have a whole screw kit. What I plan to do is put this transmission in the slash and put the slash stock transmission in the rustler. The slash is the oldest car and also I wanted to see how the sealed diff is. Also for the rustler I am needing a brushless system which is on my xmas list. With the slash with the LCG lower chassis (where all of the steering is) I broke it again. I keep breaking it where the bellcrank slides on too. So I just got another one and if I break it again I might find something stronger. Or make it stronger. I had looked and RPM does not make a lower chassis plate for the slash. They only make the front and rear skid plates for the stock HCG slash. I got a new servo for the mini b (savox sh0255 mg) and it did not work with the custom mounts so my old LHS owner 3d printed me one so I will be picking that up Thursday. So hopefully I can get at least 2 cars running by the weekend. :cool:
Also with the mini b, I really don't want to run it outside on the street or sidewalk because of the chassis. So the mini b is my "track car" for whenever I go to a local track.