My Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo

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Heres a Pic of My Earnhardt Monte Carlo on my RS4 3

Dale Earnhardt, We miss you #3, You will forever be a CHAMPION


  • rtr3 de3.jpg
    rtr3 de3.jpg
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Reeeeaaaalll sssswweeeeetttt!! I like the detail. Right down to the red wall tires and stocker wheels. Again, I say nice body..

Now to see the next one...
Looks like the real thing:) Great detail!
does look great,the attention to detail makes it look more than just a black shell:cool:
Now that's nice! You could have made it real sharp if you had multiplied that 3 by 2 and came up with a 6 ;) Mark's my man. Wait a minute, that didn't come out the way I wanted. How about Mark's THE Man. JK, good looking car. I'm sure the Intimidator would be proud.
I like Mark Martin too, just maybe not in the same way you do, lol, jk. Eventually I am going to do a viagra body soon, I have another project I will be starting on this week for another forum member but I do want to do the viagra car. My favorite driver is actually Rusty, but since it is very difficult to get alcohol sponsored decals I am trying to locate decals I can use to do it. But thanks for the compliments :D

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