motor swap everest 10 - to an ecto?

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hey hey. so i just changed the motor on the ecto. i loved it was my first and it was great, but the quickrun is just better. so i swapped it easy peasy.
i have the redcat everest 10, things so jank that i dont even drive it, JUST because i have the ecto mind you. the redcat is fun and great and i have very few complaints about it, it can do some cool stuff that the ecto can't. so dont take this as some sort of dig on the 10.
but i was wondering can i put the ecto motor in the redcat and spice it up a notch? I'm ordering some brass and better tires for the 10 on friday, but i quickly hit a wall with the 10, power and speed wise.

would i just need to try it out? as long as the pinion gear from the 10 fits the motor from the ecto. and id also be using the esc that came with the ecto as well. so it would get the motor and esc from the ecto into the everest 10.
it SHOULD work right?


The Everest 10 really is designed for rock crawling. If you go any faster than what it is now, you will have a tough time keeping her upright.
If you are happy with what motor is in there then I would just keep it that way.
If you are wanting to upgrade then I would go with a Holmes Hobbies Crawl Master Sport 540 13T.
Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 or 1080.
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Well I can't anyways as the reedy is just a little too long to fit with my limited experience.
the upper connect link is in the way.