For Sale Lots of Wheels and Tires!!...All reasonable offers will be entertained!

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***Please PM me as i dont really monitor the comments section of this post.***


Two pair Dynamite "Bump-Ups" 1/8scale buggy tires NIB - SOLD

2 pair Proline Suburbs green dot SC tires NIB - $35

2 pair AKA Cityblock SC soft w/red insert green dot - NIB - $30

2 pair Proline Mashers MT tires w/17mm hex wheels - 90%+ tread - $40 (I used these for MT pulls)

One pair Proline Sandpaws 2.2's red dot on Desperado wheels w/14mm hexes - Used twice in the snow - $20

2 pair Proline Crime Fighter MT tires on Proline 17mm white dish wheels - The wheels are scratched up pretty good from running in gravel and blacktop but the wheels are 90%+ tread - $40

2 pair if Proline Speed Hawgs 2.2s mounted on Traxxas blue dish rims w/14mm hex - 90%+ tread - $35

2 pair Proline Badlands on Traxxas red dish rims w/14mm hex - Ran once - $35

2 pair Proline Trenchers, the wheels are by Traxxas w/14mm hexes, mounted but never run - $40

2 pairs of 420 size Proline Big Joes mounted on Losi dish rims w/20mm Losi hexes - 85%+ tread - $50

HPI Dirt Bones MT tires - NEW but not in package - $40

2 pair HPI wheels w/17mm hex - I wanna say these were called "warlock" wheels. The were chrome but I stripped off the chrome in order to dye them but never got around to using them. - $20

2 pair of HPI 17mm hex wheels. Dont remember what these are called but these where also chrome and have been stripped in order to dye them. - $20

3 sets of 4 Losi yellow dish wheels for 1/8 scale buggy/truggy, 17mm hex - $30 for the lot

These are 2 pairs of Traxxas "Victory" tires. one pair are Victory I and the other pair are Victory II. They are meant for stadium trucks as one pair is for traction in the back and the other for steering. They are on 14mm Traxxas wheels. Mounted but never run - $40

2 pair of Proline Trencher MT tires. Not in package but never mounted/run - $45

2 pair of Proline Crime Fighter buggy tires on Losi white dish wheels w/17mm hex - Wheels are scratched up from running in gravel and blacktop, tires have 85%+ tread. $30

2 pair of Proline MOAB tires on Proline Bead-Locs? I know nothing about these but as far as i can tell these are proline bead-locs and the MOABs have great tread left. looks like 14mm hexes - $40

2 pair OFNA closed cell foams for MT - $15

2 pair Yokomo Drift master ZR-DR19 wheels & tires - NIB - $20

IDK anything about drift tires but the black set is from HPI I believe and they have a hard but rubber feel to them. The white tires are more like a hard plastic with an angled cut on one side of them and I have no idea who makes them. $20 for the lot

2 sets of 4 wheels for drift cars. Unknown manufacturer but i believe they are either 12 or 14mm hexes. again not familair with drift cars. $20 for the lot

2 pair of OFNA "Star" buggy wheels w/17mm hexes $15

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