Hi All! Could you help out a newbie?

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Hey guys.

I am new here and new to nitro.

I just picked up a buggy. I don't know the exact model of it but it has a TRX .15 in it.

I need some help for getting it to run good.

The engine will start up first pull but it seems that it is idling a little high? also it is a little slow on take off. I know the carb adjustments must be wacked out. I took it out today for a spin and ran a tank of fuel through it but when I step on it from idle and when it gets going it will hesitate and die if I don't let off the throttle. Any suggestions?

From what I have been reading it is my high speed screw but I have been pissing with this all day from screwing it clockwise till it was all the way in and letting it out 2 1/2 turns and starting it and it would do the same thing, I would make it a bit richer and it would bog right when I excel, I lean it and it helps but will bog on me when I get my speed up.

This is my first gas powered car and I am very excited about it, I've always wanted one :) But I want the damn thing to run primo!

What if I turn in my idle screw some ? will that mess things up with my low speed screw? or could my low speed screw be open to much and is flooding my engine at low idle speeds... whew.. I don't know! I will leave it up to the pros :)

Thanks for any help guys.

Hey matt,

thanks for replying so fast.

I just reset the HS and LS screws to the break in settings, I think the LS screw was out more then 1 3/4 so I am hoping that is what my problem is. Guess I wont know until tomorrow or Tuesday "need to get some new battery's :p"

I don't know how many tanks of gas has been through this engine as I bought it used.

Looks like Matts got you on the right road to start. But also check the engines compression. This will tell you if your looking at any furture troubles.
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Hey Hunter,

Thanks for the reply.

The engines compression is hard and crisp so I am sure that isn't the case.

I just hope it is a minor adjustment. I will fire it up tomorrow and see how it is.

thanks again
Let us know how it turns out for you:classic: And if you dont already have one get a temp gun it helps make the tuning much easier.
you can also use the spit test. spit on the cylinder head and if it doesn't boil away after 5-6 seconds your engine is running ok.
Originally posted by nitroman88
you can also use the spit test. spit on the cylinder head and if it doesn't boil away after 5-6 seconds your engine is running ok.

Its not as good as a temp gun and at the end of the day you have to clean all that dry spit off you engine:(
i usually never spit on my engine anymore because i know that its running good and rich but hey spit fast and cheap!
LOL! Right on guys. Thanks.

I am going to go out later and piss off the neighbours and sit out on the street and spit on my car :ha

Thanks for letting me know about that. :bow:

If I don't get around to firing it up today I will for sure tomorrow when I get off of work. That LSS was out way more then 1 3/4 turns I think, so I put it out 1 3/4 and I am hoping that is what was the problem.

I guess I won't know till I try it eh.

Thanks guys and I will let you know how everything goes.


Hey guys.

I know this is off topic from what my orginal questions are. But I don\'t have a hobby shop around here and was wondering.....

I BELIEVE my buggy is 1/8th scale? from rear wheel to rear wheel it is 12 inches so that would mean it\'s 1/8th right?

Question, do any of you guys have a nice little body I could buy from one of yeah\'s? I am lacking a body :( I would like one like the Mugen has.

Ok, well... It\'s still to early to fire up the engine \"9:30am\" :p so I will wait till noon.

How far are you from the peace bridge to Buffalo?

We have a very good LHS right over the border that could hook you up with just about whatever you could need.

PM me and Ill send you the info if you want it.

I am really far from Buffalo.

I am on the Michigan/Canadian border unfortunlaty :(
Hey Matt. I am now way adicted to this forum :D

No, I am right beside Port Huron Mich. never been to the ssm so I honestly don't know how far that is from me.

P.S. Anyone have a buggy body that they would sell me????
Yup, I am on the Canadian side of the pond.

See Matt, that's the problem.. I don't know what will fit on my buggy.. I do believe it is 1/8 scale.. it is 16 inches lond and 12 inches wide from rear tire to rear tire.

will any 1/8 scale buggy body fit on my car? Grr. I need one. It looks dumb with out a body.
See that's the thing.. I don't know exactly what the make is.. is there a place to look? I now for sure it is a buggy. But how do I know it is 1/8th scale? are those measurments the right ones for a 1/8th scale buggy? it has upgraded Tmax blue shocks and what not.. I bought it off of a spoiled 12 yearold. lol

Oh yes... I made an error.. The engine is actually a TRX Pro 15 not the regular 15.

I just want the thing to run awesome.. it seems to be a little boggy and not snappy. I just want it to run and not stall on me when I get it flying.

Well, I think I am going to go fire it up at the church parking lot behind my place and see how she is.

let you know in a little bit... If I start it and it does the same thing should I lean it out.. do I lean out both HS and LS screws ?

thanks again guys!
Well. I took it out and ran 2 tanks of gas through it and it doesn't cut out on my anymore. It seems more peppy. I lowered the idle down some. If I let it idle for 10 seconds then take off it is boggy. probably have to lean my LS screw out some eh?

I did the spit test and it doesn't sizzle away after 5 seconds so I guess it is runing cool. but if I touch it it is hot to the touch.

Also, when it has been runing for about 5 minutes and I hit the gas at high speed it will hesitate some. humm. Like I said, I am a rookie to this. But so far it is a big improvement from yesterday!

Also, Where my muffler hooks up to my motor it is lose. it will vibrate it's self lose through time then GINNNNNG it's loud as hell. Question, is it normal for gas to be coming out of the exhaust port? like, if I run a tank through it after it is empty my motor will and my rear driveshafts will be soaked in fuel...
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Hey Matt,

Thanks dude.. I have been doing some researching and I found an almost match to my ride.. It looks exactly like a RC10GT.


The only thing that is different is I think my body width is a bit wider then that of the RC10GT? humm. I wish I had a digital camera to take a picture!

Matt, could you help me with my little fuel all over the place issue in my last post. Is this normal?

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My day was kick ass. I went over to one of the public schools with my brother and we flew the car around some dirt and in the fields. Everything was going excellent, the car was peppy and snappy. I was doing doughnuts in the dirt when the elastic to hold down my battery pack snapped.. I thought nothing of it and still drove it around.. The tank of gas ran out so I let it cool down while filling it up again. Ok, I started it up.. When the motor is cool it is graggie on take off until it warms up "I dunno why, probably the LSS in which the motor is getting to much fuel at idle" Anyway's, the motor gets warm and off again we go. I am flying through the field doing about 30 mph when the battery pack flys out of the frame and snaps off... OH poop! there goes my #$%^&(* car! I never ran so fast in my life.. anyway's "human vs raw Nitro Power" I couldn't catch it, by the time I put the controller down it was 50ft away from me. I started runing when I saw the car flying towards the fence.. BAM!!! it freakin smoked the fence and was reving high with the tire smoking from spining "nitro burnout" so when I finally caught up to the thing I had pinched the fuel line to shut it down.. Thank god I only broke a rod end, whew.. the car totally lauged itself underneath the fence.. whew.. I now know NEVER to let something like that happen again. I am going to rewire the whole thing because I have a little short for my steering servo.

Just thought that I'd share that with you. Man I never knew this car could go that fast!

when you are re-wiring the truck, you might want to consider a failsafe to make sure someting like that doesn't happen again

A failsafe eh.. I will have to look into one of those.


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