Here is a pic of where i'm from !

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  1. Bashing
Here is a pic of where i'm from ! Calgary,Alberta,Canada !!
You live on the freeway?!?!:banana:

Here's where I live


  • myhome.jpg
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Here's a pic of where I live...


  • beach2.gif
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And another


  • beach.gif
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Ok guys maybe we should take up a collection to help out our fellow forum friends. Since Tiny lives under a bridge, and Sky lives on the beach, maybe we could help them get a roof over their heads :p J/K guys. Stop putting all your money in your R/Cs and you could get an apt., lol. The beach is the one thing I miss since I moved from Florida to NC, (probably the only thing) now it's a four hour drive for me to get to the beach. :depress:
It has a lot more colorful scenery and wildlife during the dogs aren't the only ones who pant during the warmer months...;)

TINY's picture kind of makes you wonder if he is a troll or something...don't they live under bridges....:)

I used my PC and a high tech predictive digital filtering zoom algorithm on TINY_MAXX's's incredible...he really IS a troll!!

I knew it...

BTW that is a cool shot...what is it? "Sandcastle" or actual sculpture (stone, concrete, etc.)
It's a concrete sculpture under some bridge in Washington state.
i don't live under a bridge it is a pic from some traffic cam i'm just showing you what it is like where i live !!! I DON'T LIVE RIGHT THERE I LIVE IN A HOUSE !!!
Its OK Tiny...
Were a bunch of jokers here.
Kidding around is something we like to do. I hope no offence was taken.
We all know you don’t live under a freeway.
You do have to admit, It was funny.
I don't know about you guys, but if I was driving along and looked over and saw that big concrete sculpture I'd probably have to pull over at the next gas station and clean my shorts. Geesh!
Take it easy TINY, we are just playin'.
Man, you guys really got his shorts in a bunch!! I have to admit, though, I laughed my butt off through the whole thing.

Trust me, Tiny, they're only kidding. If they didn't like you, you'd know it......
i know your just kidding ,but that is a pic of a free way sort of close to my house

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