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joe energy

RC Newbie
I have a mtx nitro motor I use 20 percent nitro gas i m tryna get the car tuned right but I keep ruining the glow plugs what is tge best glow plug to use is there ones that dnt die so fast


Dekalb, IL
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What's happening to the plug? Is the coil disappearing or just breaking?

Typically it means your running too lean, regardless of plug.

joe energy

RC Newbie
Well the brand new one the coil like shrunk guess cus it broke maby I'm figuring out how to adjust the needles its hard then the older one I had the verry tip of
What's happening to the plug? Is the coil disappearing or just breaking?

Typically it means your running too lean, regardless of plug.


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England, UK
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A picture of a dead glow plug would be useful. What percentage of fuel are you running, and is smoke coming out the exhaust?


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Are you taking temp readings? If so, that's an indication of an engine running too lean.
You also need to start it and just let it idle since the LSN might be too lean and the HSN fine. Too lean on the LSN is the first thing I'd check.

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