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Ok guys I just got em, They did a GREAT job on these headers. I have had the Stock, CEN, NJBT, and now the Duratrax headers. so heres a little of my own feelings if this helps anyone.

Stock: well stock is stock, I can't really say much more than that.

CEN : I HATED this header, wrong angles, port is tiny and required alot of dremel work before I would even put it on, this header has since found its way to the circular file.

NJBT : This header is great for low end but has a few design flaws, first of all it will touch the a-arm under full compression, second you really can't go to any smaller than a 18 tooth clutch bell, and even at that it is VERY close to rubbing the shock. If you want to use this header with a 19 or 20 tooth bell you will be fine other then the header touching the a-arm. I am very impressed though with the performance from this header! It is also already ported. I am going to get the gen 2 NJBT once they have it finished, they are currently working on these issues and a new design will be out soon.

Duratrax : These are very well made headers, I was expecting when I ordered them to have to port the opening like I did with the CEN, but I was pleasently surprised when I got them and they are already match ported to the gasket! The diameter is big enough to slide the stock header inside the duratrax header. They fit very well, however to use it you with an AE pipe you will either have to move the reciever box forward a little or cut the nipple off the new style AE pipe and mount it like the old style AE pipe. It comes with the screws, a nice heavy gasket, and coupler with zip ties, all for $11! I really like this header so far and after I run it some more I will let you guys know a little more about the performance, I am also going to put one of these on my RS4 3, and get rid of that nightmare that comes on it.

Well I hope all this helps someone.
Hmmmm... I may try that duratrax one:banana:
I have an update, it will not work for the RS4 3 the offset is a little too much and hits the rear tire, so it wont work for that application. :(
has n e 1 a pic of a t with an ae pipe and duratrax header?
I will post a pic today - A little cutting and it fits like a glove. The tube matching of the header to the AE pipe is phenominal!

Good to see others finally taking an interest in this header. Before all anyone would tell me was NJBTH! I just couldnt put that stress on my engine! :confused:

Its a great overall header and with the AE pipe can be lethal on the short track.
YES!!! Just what I was looking for. NC, you're the man on this one. I know I've been tossing around the BHT options. And I wasn't sure. But now I know......Duratrax and AE. On my ported TRX. That should be the ticket. And the stock Traxxas is going on my RS4 3. Cool. Thanks!
Its a great overall header and with the AE pipe can be lethal on the short track.

You said it Christian! This combo is great. I really liked the NJBT but it had too many design flaws imo. Not to mention the difference in price $30 for the NJ and $11 for the duratrax.

Candyman that stock header works great on my RS4 3 :D Do it!
God knows if we (the TMaxx community) can save some $$$ AND get a quality product, then we will be there hehehe.

When I posted the first time on the Traxxas site about the Durratrax header I got snuffed off like an ugly dog that smelled bad. Who's singing now?!?!?!

We know, we know where its at!

:banana: I love these banaddas
When I posted the first time on the Traxxas site about the Durratrax header I got snuffed off like an ugly dog that smelled bad. Who's singing now?!?!?!

LOL, thats too funny, rotflmao. We are the ones singing now, Great combo! :banana:

BTW Christian welcome to the forum, glad to see you here now too!
i am using the duratrax header and pipe for the st pro on my tmax and on my hpi rally .. i love this combo it has all the bottom, mid and top end i want ... i have a ported trx for bashing and a cvr on my max .. all i can say is for the price that it costs £22 here in the UK it is a great kit with all the parts that you could need for mounting this pipe and header .. also there is not cutting required .. i would really recommend this kit
I saw one today at the track and i got to get one:banana:
Yeah, you saw the one I just sent to Divine, I have one on my OS CVX.15 in my T with the AE pipe and it has sick bottom end! Get one it is a great header, and only $11 :banana:
i got the duratrax and boy i love it. it was coplete to the gasket, coupler and thread loc on the header bolts. the fit was perfect, cause i allready cut my pipe, and the performance is amazing
I love this header it rocks thanks NCNitro You are the man :banana: My truck rocks
What can I say :D Great low end power, no chassis interferece, ported, and for $11 you just can't beat this header! I am glad you guys are happy, I sure am.
Funny thing about this header is I'm a cheap guy so i found this on tower hobbies a while back and bought it and have loved it from day one, main reason i bought it though was to put on an old duratrax that i have with a tiger 21 on it and did it make it come alive