Can you help me identify this monster truck?

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Dekalb, IL
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Looks like a losi aftershock. Which was a stripped down LST1. Had plastic shocks, no reverse, no high/low switch for the transmission. Also looks like traxxas t-maxx 3.3 tires, guessing wheels too.

Would need to see the rear to confirm, or see it actually next to an LST2. The LST2 had arms that were thicker front to back to increase durability, larger cvd's/axle hubs with larger bearings, alloy threaded shocks, solid axle carriers in the rear to do away with the turnbuckles and 20mm wheel hubs.

The LST1/aftershock shared all the same stuff, except the LST1 had alloy bodied shocks with spacers (vs threaded), high/low switch on the trans and I believe reverse. THe pipe and engine also differed, but since you have neither, seems irrelevant.

I had a heavily modified aftershock quite a few years back.


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Thx so much for your help basically what happened was I bought a bunch of nitro rc chassis and parts so I've been trying to fix a few if them I've also got several cars one is really fast looks to have a bunch of custom parts it's got a o.s engine on it i have more nitro engine's than I need some o.s a couple mach's just boxes of stuff like 4 toates full
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