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Here is my tmaxx that I have been building from scratch for about a month now and it is finally done. I just finished the break in process yesterday. Its built on the 3.3 chassis with integy bulk heads, THS exhaust system, RPM arms, integy drive shafts, traxxas center drive shafts, Rpm bumpers, aluminum skids, robinson racing steel tranny and spur/clutch bell setup, RC solutions roll cage, traxxas big bore aluminum shocks and for now a trx 3.3 engine.

I have done a few modifacations to the chassis because of the ofna fuel tank that I run and the RPM receiver box I have decided to place the fuel tank in the middle of the chassis for more CG plus I hate the way the stock tank looks haha. I decided to mount the hump pack on the front shock tower were it will be protected. I can't wait to go out and bash it. Any questions or sugestions just let me know. Thanx.


GH Racing

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wow your truck looks really great!!
the green rims looks sweet and your mod parts wow


Dekalb, IL
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Great looking maxx! I wish I had a need for those tires... they make everything they are on just look so freaking mean!

I'd ditch the traxxas linkage sliders and get some plastic ones. The metal ones have a tendency to cause radio interferance due to having metal pieces rubbing on each other.

Here's some blue ones to match the chassis:


RCNT Rookie
Fremont CA
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Iam having radio interferance right now and i think its because of the roll cage any suggestions to a fix? Thanx.

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