Asociated's new Monster Truck - PICS!!

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OK? I like it....alot. Lot of neat little features like the shock reservoirs, the way the pipe exits the bottom to keep oil and dirt off of the truck, the chassis set up and oh yeah, it's AE, which is the best thing about it.
Wow that thing looks tight. I still don't know about a TT mill. Its also hard for me to compare to the savage. I really think HPI was brilliant in making it to use maxx wheels and Bodies becase people associtate those things with a good truck.. X
wow wee,the truck scene is really hotting up over the past year,what next?
If I'm not mistaken, the GT uses a TT engine. I like mine and it has ran good since I got it.
so is that a 1:8 scale with a .21,like alot of the rest of them,or have they used their own brain for the spec.
I think it looks like the next best version of the T-Maxx. Layout is very similar but everything is bigger and better.
after all this time,nobody has brought out any thing miles ahead of the rest,like the T-maxx was.
It looks ok I guess. I would like to see one run and jump before I bought one.
Looks cool but i'd like to see one running:)
Not a bad looking truck...has some similarities to the T-Maxx. It's huge...and I agree with most, I'd like to see it put through its paces prior to considering buying one.
Ya know, I looked over the pics again. I think I like it. It's burly. I like the piggy back shocks. I wonder if they're by Progressive, or AE's version. I can't bash AE. I've been driving cars of theirs for years. My guess is the only TT in it is the mill. And the TT/AE mill in my GT is rock solid. I did a side by side comparison with the TRX one day and I was amazed at the difference. The only thing I'd get on the BFT about is that it needs color. Sure, it's eye candy. But throw in a bunch of anodizing and that would look hot. We'll see what the market says. There's a lot of competition right now.
And I am liking the Savage, too. Tough choices there. I know I'm perfectly happy with the Maxx. So I'm just going to watch for now.
I like it to. Things kind of grow on you. When the MF came out I didn't care for it. After awhile it looked better and better until I decided to buy one this past weekend. Now that I put it together, I love the way it looks and it feels rock solid. Now if this rain would pass and the sun would come out I could get it broken in. I don't think I will wait on the BFT though, I will probably get it asap.
That is a PATHETIC web site...tremendously unproffesional. Looks like a last minute and weak effort to steal some glam from the HPI and Traxxas releases recently.

Now for the truck - looks ok. Too little real detail to tell - that backbone sure looks good. Those are old tires off another truck...a Duratrash Truck!

I'm still MOST impressed with the Savage...and I'm OK with the "New" T-Maxx (not new, just improved).

The Mad Force? It's just not the right suspension design for a Nitro R/C Truck. That ladder suspension is GREAT for SLOW rock crawling...but can't compare to a fully independant suspension for speed, jumping and racing.
Read on another board from a guy that works for TTR that those are not the wheels/tires that come with the truck. He also said that there will be a couple of changes before the truck makes it to the shelves. I agree, it does seem like they threw the page together, but at least they did get some pics out.
I think the Savage has got it beat in the visual department, but I really love that American Flag paintjob.