ARRGGGGHHH! Little help please

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Trying to post pics but it is saying that the specified file is not in jpg or gif format. Using Jasc PSP and it says that the file is a jpg file. Changed the file over to gif file and I still get the same message. Any ideas?
1. What are you doing to change the file type?

2. What is the file size?

3. What are the pixel dimensions? w x h

Ill try to help ;)
Pixel size is 389 x 269

Print size is 5.4 x 3.7

Image is 306.8 kb

I am using save as then clicking the file type and hitting save. I have used this before and it worked without a problem.
Send me the image that you are trying to post. I will break it down and tell you what the issue is.

The memory sounds about right for that size JPEG. But it might be something in the way your program has encoded it or compressed it. The compressed size and the actual size might not be the same. Some programs do not look at compressed size and open it at its true image size. This will cause problems. Just some preliminary thoughts. Let me know if I can help.
Where are you trying to host the pic?
It's a couple of pics. The stadium truck forum and other monster trucks forum.
I meant where are the photos located on the web? The address?

Can I have a link to the pics?

There isn't a link to the pics. I took the pics with my camera, scanned them and saved them to PSP as jpeg files.
After checking the images, they have the JPEG tag, but are actually TIFF files. That would be the cause of the problem. I will translate them and send them back to you.
Ahhh, I get it, you are trying to upload the picture straight to the post as an attachment. I see.

Thought maybe you were hosting them on the web somewhere and couldnt get the links to work.

Dont forget the 102,400 byte size limit as well. This isnt KBytes so keep that in mind.

You can signup for a webshots account but will not be able to display the image in the post, just provide a link to it. However, I have in the past gotten even that to work ;)

I ran some tests on the attachment feature. Even though the image is a GIF or JPG, and is less than the 102400 byte size limit, the images are rejected as an incorrect file type. I tried a variety of images of different size and type. They were all rejected. Images that are hosted on a website are not rejected. Perhaps there is something wrong with the FTP filters set on the attachment function of the reply page.
a good photo viewer is It is a small and strong program. I love the batch feature. (it allows me to convert multile files at once) I use this program to make boot logos for win2k and xp. oh and its freeeeee
I personally use GraphicConverter a shareware software with the option to buy more functionality. The freeware version is great as is but limited in its editing and conversion features. I run the full version...very nice indeed. I also use Adobe Photoshop and a variety of others, but the GC is my favorite.

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