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Gone - bye bye.
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OK so I know I am married and I spend way to much money on this R/C stuff. But my other past time is making my pc go Vroom Vroom and playing games.
So latley its been some serious Warcraft 3 with a few friends Darn those Heros.
Also a bit of Americas Army when you can hit a decent server.

What I am truley waiting for more than Ed McMan to show up with my check is UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003 . The sequal to the best online SHOOTER EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
Ok thats my game rant lets here what you guys have to say. X:banana: :banana:
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I play TFC (half life mod) everynight. I know half life is old, but I love this game! :D

I was a die-hard TFC player for a while.
Then I played CS a while after that.

Then it was the Day of Defeat mod for Half-Life. My favorite so far. Haven't played in a while since it's summer time. I was in a clan for about a month until the guy who started it left a month later and the group broke up. Man it was fun! We used Roger Wilco for team communications and I ran the base for it.

Are any of you in a clan that plays for fun? I would love to do that again sometime.

Woodie - what TFC servers do you play on and where are they located? I might have to stop by an pay a visit sometime. :D
I used to be in WoD clan for Q2 then AZA clan for Q2. I play/have played to following:

Quake 2
Quake 2 WoD Modification
Quake 2 CTF
Quake 3 and whatever mod of the day
Tribes 2
UT all flavors
Soldier Of Fortune
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
MotorCross Madness 2

And no I dont like to shoot things!

:banana: First player shooters are where its at for me....
I sell software Cheep...
Here are some pics of my swapmeet setup.
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Ooooh, now I just have to think of what I want. Lotsa goodies there!!
u ever heard of
counterstrike condition zero

far cry

both of these i play online reguar and are wiked games trust
World of Warcraft is what I waste....I mean spend most of my time playing.
Mortal Kombat (all)
THPS (all)
crimson Skies
Mech assault
Super Metroid (PC)
Sim City 3000 (PC)
Mech Warrior (PC)
Star Wars Galaxies for 3 years
tried COH, WOW, and EQII and they just didnt do it for me. Bunch of buds are trying really hard to get me do to do EVE but I just can't imagine devoting that much time to an online game any more. Now I've dived back into Bowling (189 avg) and RC. The chick is loving the amount of available time I now have (but of course its still not enough).

And Yeah, who the hell is the grave robber? I saw X's name on a thread and almost poop myself!!!
i just finished building a killer gaming pc and right now i am hooked on, NFS most wanted, guild wars, call of duty 2, HL2, CSS, AOE 3.

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