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Ok, I'm finally starting to catch up on some mods that I should have done a while ago...:eek:

I'm getting a Motor Saver Air Filter. But which should I get? I am looking at the #1060 filter w/ 60 degree bend for the Maxx. But they also have the #S1060 which has the Super Duty cap. Is there a real difference between the two? Will the SuperDuty cap make a difference?
If I am not mistaken, the super duty cap is for driving in muddy conditions, You won't go wrong with either one.
I've got the super duty cap...if it's REALY dirty/muddy I'll run with it...but to tell you the truth, for everyday driving - even in pretty dusty conditions it doesn't make any difference. Snow/rain/mud is when you need that cap only.
who carries those filters online, because my LHS doesn't? (especially the new T-MAxx 2.5 one)
And Hobby People does, too. I also have to get some diff outdrive yokes, but Tower is out. So I'm going with Hobby People. They have everything I want.

Hobby People
yes...but neither of the two have the new TMX60 filter for the Tmaxx2.5
Bunny, you will probably have to wait for the replacement 2.5 filter, from what I understand, replacement parts are not readily available yet.

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