10th scale tires are huge

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My OCD and nerves health issues were dealth a blow so I'm trying to burn that off,

I've been building an old school on road rc10s no big deal have built many,

I was doing one kind of bomber rally car the other on off dirt oval, both vette bodies,

I was putzing with wheels and tires,


These wheels and tires were my mock ups, here they are compared to others,


The rears are second from top,
They are a bit over 1.5" wide the footprint, that at 1:1 would be a pretty wide tire ( for vintage 1:1 )
My 69 vette runs 15x10" about 11" of footprint big for that era,

we know many common rc wheels are 2.2, thats over 2ft 1:1,
My mind engages, i root around for examples, i had no idea just how dinky looking a more scale correct wheel and tire size would look on a 10th scale car,

Even the rc10ds wheel tire top in my stack that look small on the 10th scale car to me if 1:1 are large,

Is there any wheel/tire in 10th that would compare to a 1:1 15×10" wheel? With about a 295 tire?


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Great Smoky Mountains
1/10 touring car tires are what you're going to want to look for. IMHO, that's going to be closest to what you're after. BUT, they are a lot smaller than what you have, just FYI.


RCNT Basher
Right, a scale correct 10th tire is dinky looking on my vette projects, and lets say at 1/10th its a 2.0 wheel about an inch wide,
1:1 thats a 2 foot tall wheel ( getting a bit status donk ) and a foot wide tire,
And on my 10th vette project is looks skinny
Yet 1:1 on my vette a ft wide tire isnt dinky, at least not for the era of my car,

So I'm just going to have to run a wider 10th tire do you happen to know if they make a wheel 1.7 or even 1.5 but about 1.5 to 2.0 wide that i can make fit the old rc10?

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