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  1. J

    Tips about how to dry soaked tires

    Hello everyone, I recently realized that my kraton's tires were filled with water. For several days I have tried to squeeze them, then put then on a heater (just so they could be warm all day long but not hot) an repeat the process. Still after some couple days there is still some water...
  2. S

    Traxxas Sledge Tires?

    Just picked up my new Sledge yesterday and I'm already wondering what tires would be best suited for it. I was looking at the Proline belted badlands or trenchers. Hopefully to take out some of the ballooning. I'm new to the forum and to RC. Any help/recommendations would be appreciated...
  3. Ncederlund012108

    What would be some good premounted tires for this truck and so suspension to lower it down

  4. >BD

    Anyone use Clod Tires on an Axial Wraith?

    Has anyone else used these on a wraith axle rig or any other clod tire?
  5. Randomaker

    Tires for both on road and offf road?

    Hi. I'm very new to hobby grade RCs and I have no idea what I am doing. I am thinking of building my own car from scratch. I'm thinking around 1/10 scale because my friend is buying one and I want mine to be somewhat similar to his. What I was wondering, is there some kind of tires I can use...
  6. MailManX

    2.2 Foams for Crawler Tires?

    I have been enjoying buying, modding and running RC trucks and cars for 5 years. However, I've always been into the run-fast-bash-and-crash scene. Foams don't matter for that, so I never bothered to learn about them. I just purchased an RC4WD Bully II MOA kit to experiment with. There is a lot...
  7. Nitrobuzzard

    For Sale 2.2 wheels/tires

    Got these in a lot buy out and have no use for them. They look to have never been used, only mounted. RC4WD wagon beadlock with the BFG Krawler T/A tires. $85 plus shipping
  8. E

    Big Dragster tires

    hey all!! it's nice to come back to the forum! straight to bussiness! where can I find PARMA tires? I like their size (about 2h x 3w). if you guys know of any other tire that will fit this specs please let me know!
  9. 2revo1maxx

    Belted tires...anyone......?

    Using them? Like them? What brand?
  10. D

    Mud Tires

    What brand of mud tires should I buy for my 2012 Ford F150 XLT. Any suggestions?
  11. Cupofjoe5

    Id like some big wide tires for my infinitive nitro!

    Id like a lot wider tires, preferably all black that will fit my 1/10 nitro infinitive exceed. Options anyone? Thanks
  12. TypeONegative

    my revo bogs down threw my muddy yard best tires?

    I have a variety of tires, am i better off with. Smooth tires or tires like my badlands? I'm having trouble with it over heating and sticking to the mud badly, thanks in advance TypeONegative
  13. S

    OLD Vintage Tires for Futaba Safari 1/8 buggy

    Does anyone have the ability to 3D replicate rubber tires for 1/8 scale buggies? I've got some Kyosho 1/8 2wd and some 4wd, as well as the Futaba 2wd 1/8 Safari buggies that need tires. Now I've probably got 1 (one) of each tire that would be suitable for making a replica of, the others were...
  14. WoodiE

    Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9″ rock crawling tires

    The new Pro-Line Racing Hyrax 1.9" rock crawling tires are an aggressive, open tread pattern that is an all new design made to give your RC Scale Crawler maxium traction. The Pro-Line Hyrax tires features detailed connected tread on the sidewalls as well as stepped tread blocks to offer maximum...
  15. B


    I have 4907 tmaxx stock tires blew the side wall out of one them. I'm looking for something a little more durable.
  16. A

    tires and wheels mgt 4.6

    I'm having trouble finding replacement wheel hexs to replace my size 14mm for some 17mm so i can change my tires to some pralines could someone send me links to some or point me in the right direction . These wold be for a mgt 4.6
  17. Fordgtr06

    Trying to balance my proline 3.8 trenchers with desperado tires

    Let me start off by saying i used to be into planes and nitro trucks/cars years ago. I got out of it and now just recently back in, and I'm seeing that it seems to be not as wide spread as it was when i started into nitro. I have done a lot of research on my options on balancing these wheel tire...
  18. Tape

    PRO-LINE 1193-00 Tires

    PRO-LINE 1193-00 ShockWave 3.8" Traxxas Style Bead 1:8 All Terrain Truck Tires Has anyone run these tires? A guy on eBay was selling them for 14.50 a pair/set shipped, he had 5 sets so I bought them all, All in new factory bags, they sell for over 30$ a set at Pro-line and other retailers, The...
  19. I

    RC Noob needs help with tires for Slayer Pro 3.3

    Hey guys, I've got a question, I would like to find different tires for my Slayer Pro. Do I have to stay with Traxxas brand for the wheels/rims or can I go with any different brand if the specs are the same? Such as the width, height, and diameter? Do you guys have any recommendations for good...
  20. NCNitro

    Sold RC4WD Monster Size Tires Mud Slingers 40 Series 3.8" RC4Z-T0016

    For Sale, Brand new in package RC4WD Mud Slingers Monster Size 40 Series 3.8" Tires One of the most realistic, competitive and aggressive tires on the market just got much BIGGER! This tire will fit RC4WD 40 series wheel such as BL44, BL04N or other manufacturer 40 series specific narrow...