Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus Charger

Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus AC/DC Charger

Dynamite has a new sports hobbyist charger with their Phophet Sport Plus charger. The Prophet Sport Plus offers up to 5A charging current to charge 1S to 6S LiPo or 4-12 cell NiMH batteries. Perfect for surface, air, and marine RC charging purposes. The Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus charger features a JST/XH balancer board and comes pre-wired with an EC3 charging harness and backed by a Dynamite 5 year warranty.

Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus Features:

  • 50W charge power output for Ni-MH (1–8C) or Li-Po (1–6S)
  • High-visibility, simplified user interface
  • Select charge current from 0.1A to 5.0A with a single push button
  • Twelve red LEDs indicate charging current
  • Three red LEDs indicate Ni-MH, Li-Po or Li-Po Fast charging
  • Three LEDs (red, yellow and green) indicate charging status
  • Start/Stop a charge cycle with a single button
  • Audible beep alerts
  • Removable AC and DC power cords
  • Short-circuit, over-current, reverse polarity, low input voltage and over-temperature protection
  • Meets IP33CW, IK07 environmental specs
  • Rugged industrial plastic case

Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus AC/DC Charger Display

Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus Charger Specs:

Type: 50 Watt AC/DC NiMH & LiPo
Input: 100-240V AC (50-60Hz) / 11-18V DC
# Cells: 1-6S LiPo, 4-8C NiMH
Peak: Ni-MH: Peak; Li-Po: Constant Current (CC)/Constant Voltage (CV)
Charge Rate: 0.1A to 5.0A (50W maximum)
Input Connector: AC cord, detachable, North American plug, DC cord, detachable, alligator clips
Output Connector: Banana Plug
Battery Type: LiPo & NiMH
Cooling Method: Fan
LED: Yes
Length: 5.91 in (150mm)
Width: 3.81 in (97mm)
Height: 3.03 in (77mm)
Overload Protection: Yes

Part #: DYNC2010
MSRP: $49.99

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