Cold Air Intake for .21’s

This cold air intake modification is probably the easiest modification I have seen yet. It requires only 3 things. By using the three things together you can pretty much rest assure that your air filter won't becoming off anytime in the near future while the cold air intake will extend the life of your engine from the cleaner air and providing a power boost from the cooler air.

Please note this cold air intake project was done with the Hyper .21 8 port engine installed on a HPI Savage monster truck.

Parts and Tools Needed:


Putting the cold air intake together:

Finished Coldair intake

They say a picture can say a thousands word. Well I'm not sure if this one says all one thousand, but it should be enough to say how to complete this project.

  • Take the 90 degree elbow that comes with the air filter off.
  • Attach the Traxxas Rubber Pipe Exhaust (4451) to the end of the air filter, then use one pipe clamp to secure the two together.
  • Attach the Pipe Exhaust with air filter to the carburetor, then tighten the second pipe clamp to secure the entire thing to the carburetor.
  • Go outside and bash your R/C now cause your finished!

Notes: The nice thing about this setup is that the pipe exhaust is thick enough to support its own weight plus that of the air filter, thus not needing ANY other hardware to hold it up. On top of that this setup is perfect for the HPI Savage, as it clears the spur gear completely.


Total: $15.54