Castle B-Link Bluetooth Adapter

Castle B-Link Bluetooth Adapter

Say goodbye to the days of needing a computer to program your Castle electronic speed controller, thanks to the new Castle B-Link Bluetooth Adapter. Now with the Castle B-Link bluetooth adapter you can simply program your ESC and BEC using your iPhone/iPad device wirelessly using bluetooth – no more cables or PC needed now.

Castle B-Link Bluetooth Adapter Features

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Passcode protected
  • Wireless bluetooth communication
  • Free app via the Apple App Store

No word yet on an Android version of the Castle Link app, but hopefully that’s coming soon as well.

Part #: 011-0135-00
MSRP: $49.95

auxiliary wire mode ios

castle link ios

Get more information or the Castle Link app on Castles website.

6 thoughts on “Castle B-Link Bluetooth Adapter

  1. Definitely needs to work with android. How does it connect and let you adjust things? I thought you had to disconnect from the receiver to adjust stuff using the program card/usb link. If not, I'll just get a Y connector and plug the esc into one side and let the other dangle out of the receiver box. I hate having to mess with it because it's a pain to get to the receiver, remove the packing, balloon, then putting it all back. Not something I want to fuss with out in the field, but there are times I wish I could tweak some of the settings. Would also let you more easily see the real time impact of the adjustments.

  2. I'm so buying this for the Wraith. My only complaint with that rig is that leaving the drag brake on can have disastrous consequences when bashing in high range. This solves that problem, and I can quickly switch profiles. I saw a demo from the Nuremberg toy fair of a new ESC that will let you adjust the drag brake from your radio, but for the life of me, can't remember what company it was from. Thanks for posting it Mike! I'm willing to bet an Android version is in the works. They wouldn't ignore a market that size.

    Here you go guys, straight from A Main's page;

    The initial release is supported on Apple iOS platforms only; for Android users, a version of the app will be released at a future date, and the B-LINK adapter will be compatible. All current Castle Creations ESCs, many older units and the BEC 2.0 and BEC Pro are supported, for a complete listing of compatible ESCs and accessories please view the PDF file in the resources tab above.

  3. Mike, I won't be buying for a while, but I'll post up once I get one eventually. Saving every dime I can right now for a vacation in a couple weeks, then building up another gun. Besides, it's riding season so RC will have to wait until fall. ;)

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