Arrma Nero BIG ROCK BLX Monster Truck

Arrma Nero BIG ROCK monster truck

The wildly popular Arrma Nero is getting an update, introducing the the Arrma Nero BIG ROCK 6s BLX Monster Truck! The Arrma Nero Big Rock is built off the Arrma Nero chassis but adds a much more realistic look with the Big Rock's new Ford body as well as it's tires and wheels.

Arrma Nero big rock drivetrain

Just like the original Nero the Nero Big Rock features a 2000kV 4-pole brushless motor connected to the Arrma BLX200 ESC. Probably the most notable feature is the cool Diff Brain technologoy that allows you to select from 4 different driving modes by remotely locking differentials: blast, wheelie, drift, and climb.

Arrma Nero Big Rock Chassis

Arrma Nero Big Rock Features

Scale: 8th
Max Speed: 60+ mph
Power Type: Brusheless
Build: Ready to Run
Drive Type: 4 wheel drive
Length: 555mm / 21.85″
Wheelbase: 378mm / 14.88″
Height: 248mm / 9.76″
Locking Diffs: Yes
Number of Diffs: 3

Arrma Nero Big Rock Videos

Part #: AR106017
MSRP: $769

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