A look at the Motor Saver buggy air filter

Last month we told you about Motor Saver redesigning their air filters, this month we take a look at the Motor Saver 1/8th buggy/truggy air filter!


Received my Motor Saver large 1/8 buggy/truggy air filter. My intentions were to use it on my Ofna Hyper 7 PCR Pro. When I received the filter first thing I noticed was how huge it was, especially compared to the Motor Saver filter I already had on the buggy.

I removed my old Motor Saver air filter from my WS7II and took these pics of them side by side to show the difference in size.



Then I opened it up to check it out. I really liked the new design over the original design. The cap, which is basically the entire outside housing of the filter slides over the inner filter and pre-filter, and is held on by a stem that runs up through the center of the filter, through the top end of the filter, and is held in place by a body clip. Where the old one was more of a press in fit seperate cap, no more worries of the cap popping off with this design.


The filter is a three stage filter, but a little different than the original design. With this one the fine mesh screen is the first stage, then they used a foam pre-filter over the foam center filter. On the older design the pre-filter went on the outside of the filter over the mesh. The filter came pre oiled and ready for use.



When I installed it on my buggy, due to its enormous size it barely cleared the throttle linkage. Unfortunitely also due to it's size when I tried to install a body on the buggy I couldn't. I tried a stock PCR body and a Pro-Line crowd pleaser body, neither of which would fit over the filter without forcing it down in to the linkage, the stock PCR body would not fit at all. I don't know if it would fit on other buggy's, but unfortunitely it would not fit on my Ofna PCR Pro, you can see in the pic how high up it kept the body, the body posts did not even come close to the body holes anymore.




Although I was very pleased with the new design over the old design, I was disappointed I would not be able to use it on my particular buggy. I am sure it would make a great filter for a truggy, or possibly even a different buggy, but it would just not work for my application.

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