Tempgun.com PE-1

Range of gun: The gun has a rang of (-27°F to 428°F) and when switched to Celsius (-33°C to 220°C)

The PE-1 only weights 36 grams and fits in the palm of your hand so when you're running after a flipped over R/C you won't be bothered by it. Then gun comes stock with a wrist wrap, which comes in handy when tuning your R/C's. Are you worried that you will have to replace the battery soon? Well the battery that is included with your purchase will last for 40 hours of continuous use, now that's a lot!

It also has features like Min, Max and Lock good to use to track the highest and lowest temperature's of your R/C and there is an optional aluminum case that you can purchase for your gun. The PE-1 is the cheaper route but yet is the smarter route. The range you need for your R/C temps is perfect! The size of the PE-1 not only is comfortable in your hand and pocket but it also fits the best in your cooling head with its narrow design so you can get as close to the glow plug as you can for accurate readings. This gun is affordable and easy to use and it is one of the best guns that TempGun.com provides for R/C usages.

Manufacturer: Tempgun
Part #: PE-1
Price: $25.00