Losi 5IVE-T 2.0 Short Course Truck

Losi 5ive-T 2.0 short course truck

The Losi 5ive-T is one of the best 1/5th scale RC’s for bashing and racing alike and Losi has made it even better. Now introducing the Losi 5ive-T 2.0 4WD short course truck!

Now equipped with a Zenoah 32cc engine. Along with a new center differential orientation for better driveshaft angles. It also includes a new steering rack with an adjustable ackerman.

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Losi 22S 2WD SCT Brushless short course truck

Losi 22S Maxxis 2WD SCT - LOS03013T1

Losi has announced their all new ready-to-run short course truck, the Losi 22S SCT. Based on the popular and race proven Losi Racing 22 race platform, the Losi 22S SCT looks to give bashers the ultimate short course truck.

The Losi 22S 2WD short course truck comes equipped with a Dynamite brushless system and features Active Vehicle Control AVC technology. In addition many of the existing Losi Racing 22 upgrade parts will also work on the Losi 22S SCT, which will allow you to change the performance, look and style of the truck.

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Losi LST 3XL-E 4WD RTR 1/8 monster truck


Losi has just introduced their lastest 1/8th scale RTR monster truck, the Losi LST 3XL-E! The Losi LST 3XL-E is the latest incarnation of the ever popular LST platform that has been designed to use dual 6S LiPo battery packs and capable of speeds up to 50 MPH – all while the Active Vehicle Control system ensures full vehicle control at all times.

The monster truck is equipped with a full-time 4WD system with LSD center differential and driveshafts with spring-retained couplers while high capacity shocks with threaded alloy bodies and 5mm shock shafts soak up any bumps and jumps giving the LST 3XL-E better handling.

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