Stampede Front and Rear Extended Body Mounts

extended front rear body mounts installed 6265-00

If you're looking to broaden your options for bodies on your Traxxas Stampede 4×4, then Proline Racing has just what you need with their new front and rear extended body mounts for the Stampede 4×4. These extended body mounts will surely make mounting RC bodies of all types and sizes much easier to cover your Traxxas Stampede. Proline has also included in the kit their Secure-Loc caps which are easier to install then the standard body clips.

extended front rear body mounts 6265-00

The Proline Extended Body Mount kit includes a revolutionary screw on body mounting system for a strong and secure mount every time. No more getting stabbed in the finger by those nasty clips! Just screw down the included setscrew into the body mount, place the O-Ring over the setscrew and mount your body as you normally would, but with the added safety, security and styling of Pro-Line's innovative screw on body mounting system! Get your Extended Body Mount Kit today!

Stampede Extended Body Mount Features

  • Completely adjustable body mounts so virtually any body will fit perfectly
  • Innovative screw on body mounting system (Secure-Loc Cap)
  • Long body mounts included
  • Made from Ultra-Durable Nylon

Part #: 6265-00 – Extended Front & Rear Body Mounts for Stampede 4×4
MSRP: $13.56

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