Speed Passion Baja 5 brushless conversion

Speed Passion has just released a brushless conversion kit for the HPI Baja large scale buggy. Speed Passion has spent the last 18 months developing the conversion kit to handle the stress of powering the 1/5th scale buggy, in the end the Speed Passion Baja 5 conversion kit is a direct fit for both the HPI Baja 5B and 5T vehicles.

Speed Passion designed the motor mount from light, but strong aluminum and includes all the required mounting hardware to replace the HPI Baja's gas engine with an electric brushless motor. Also included in the conversion kit is a 5mm shaft adapter to fit the Baja pinion gear. Speed Passion also designed the battery case to be suitable for 2 packs of 2S cell LiPo's for 14.8V, 2 packs of 3S cell LiPo for 22.2V or 3 packs of 2S cell LiPo for 22.2V.

Part #:
SP158CK05 – Baja 5 brushless motor mount
SP158BC05 – Baja 5 battery tray

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