Serpent 733 composite suspension parts

serpent 733 suspension parts

Serpent now offers a softer but extremely durable composite nylon suspension parts for the Serpent 733 called M for medium. The M parts have more less flex than the H = hard parts.

In most cases the standard nylon parts M, with more flex, will perform best. Under very high grip conditions as well as under very high temperatures the H = hard parts will perform better. As always all depends greatly on overall set-up of the Serpent 733 and driving style as well.

Parts are indicated with a M (medium-hard) for easier identification. Available as separate parts and as full-set. (The M parts will become the standard parts in the kits).

The upright and steering blocks remain the same strong composite mix as before, no changes. Serpent advises not to mix 2 types of materials on front (L/R) or rear side (L/R) of the car, as it will give unbalanced suspension reaction.

Part #:
804109 – Wishbone rear lw L+R (M)
804110 – Wishbone front lw L+R (M)
804111 – Wishbone front up L+R (M)
804175 – Suspension set nylon M (10)

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