New approval listing for ROAR Sportsman Class ESCs


The ROAR Executive Committee, Electric Section Chairperson, and Consultation with its Industry Affiliate Manufacturers, have compiled a listing of electronic speed controllers (ESC) for use in ROAR sportsman racing programs.

Speed Controllers eligible for Sportsman Class racing must be capable of providing ZERO Timing Advance along with disabling Advanced Motor Control Functions (i.e. Boost, Cheat Mode, Turbo, SuperCharge, etc).

When the “sportsman” profile is enabled, the ESC shall indicate the profile by a unique LED (constant or blinking) while the ESC is “armed” and in neutral position. The unique visual identification detail will be published along with the ESC listing of approved products.

ESC manufacture affiliates have been working with the ROAR Section Committees to develop the sportsman ESC definitions and update firmware to meet the class standard. Firmware in the latest advanced speed control products must provide a profile, which allows its use to comply with sportsman ESC profile requirements.

Several affiliates are working on firmware updates which will allow additional ESC’s to be added. Members should contact the manufacturer directly for firmware updates or questions regarding any ESC they wish to have added to the ROAR sportsman approved ESC listing.

For more information see ROAR for more information.