Serpent 720 – part 2

Serpent 720

Just last month we posted the announcement that the guys from Serpent was going to be releasing the new Serpent 720. At the time there wasn't much info to be had about the Serpent 720, that was until now. Here are some more exciting details about the new Serpent 720.

The new Serpent Seven 20 continues to improve upon the long line of championship-winning, ultra-successful, and highly-competitive 1/10th scale cars from Serpent, setting new standards in quality, ease of assembly, ease of use, and outright performance.

The Serpent 720 features the following major enhancements:

  • Wider sweet spot makes for easier setup
  • Easier assembly
  • Front & rear factory assembled gear differentials
  • Optimised geometry
  • Pre-assembled RCC shock absorbers
  • Improved features throughout

The new rear end of the Serpent 720 features new 1-piece lower wishbones and fully adjustable uprights. As with all the wishbones on the Serpent 720, the lower wishbones can be used on both the left and right sides, minimizing the number of spare parts needed to bring to the track. The rear upright features robust pivotball mounting points on the bottom and two upper camber link mounting holes for fine-tuning rear roll center. The all new rear anti-roll bar for the Serpent 720 is now ball-raced for extra precision. Stiffness is quickly and easily adjustable by changing the linkage mounting points on the lower wishbones or alternatively by changing the position of the ball joint pivot point on the roll bar itself. To further stiffen the rear end of the Serpent 720, Serpent has created a distinctive S-shaped carbon brace which spans the two rear bearing blocks.

The Serpent 720’s new braking system is similar to that pioneered on the Serpent 960 in that it does away with the need for guidance pins in the chassis plate. The Serpent 720 comes with a single ventilated brake disk to further improve braking performance and consistency. The Serpent 720 also features all-new geometry throughout, which allows for a wider “sweet spot” making the car easier to set up. As expected from Serpent, the drive train is comprised of high-quality, hard-wearing components and the newly designed front and rear gear differentials give smooth differential action and high durability, and gear slippage is non-existent due to the geared design. Performance and tuning characteristics are easily adjusted via gear oils of different thicknesses.

Serpent 720 Chassis

The RCC shock absorbers are the smoothest and easiest to build shocks ever designed. Machined from metal and unique in that the shock bodies only open on the bottom half, they are really simple to assemble. The RCC shock absorbers come with a fixed piston and no longer use a diaphragm as with the previous shocks. The result is an ultra-smooth and air-free shock absorber thanks to the self-bleeding system incorporated into the design. Another great benefit is that the RCC shock absorbers come pre-assembled in the kit, so you need only add shock oil.

Serpent also supplies a full-colour instruction manual to allow you to build your car with the greatest of ease. A separate brochure containing all exploded views and latest option parts is also supplied with the car. Also included with the new Serpent 720, introduced originally with the Serpent 710, the Setup Book has now been improved and updated for the new Serpent 720 and contains set-up solutions, diagrams, and detailed theory. Also included is a Serpent 720 decal sheet and blank set-up sheet.

Head over to Serpent to view even more details and photos of the new Serpent 720 or join the discussion about the new Serpent 720 in our On-Road touring car talk forum.

Serpent 720 overhead chassis shot