RPM has got balls!

RPM has got balls!

While many aftermarket companies can make the claim that they have balls, only RPM can say they've got Nuts too.

Check out these new Bumper Nuts from RPM. Not only will they help you improve lap times, but they'll give your truck that “authentic” look. Not sure if the other magazines will touch these Nuts, but know Xtreme RC's got 'em! Not sure exactly when these Nuts will hit the street, but we'll keep you posted.

What I'd like to know is, if someone busts my balls does RPM still offer their replacement warranty on these as well?

RPM Danglers

RPM has released these danglers in five different colors:

  • Saddle-Sore Pink
  • Burn-Out Black
  • D.N.F. Blue (D.N.F. stands for “Did Not Finish”)
  • Cocky Chrome
  • Ballsy Brass!

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