ProLite 4×4 Front A-arms from RPM

ProLite 4x4 Front A-arms black

RPM front A-arms for the Associated ProLite 4×4 and Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk/Tomahawk RC vehicles were designed to add some needed strength and durability to these RC's. The ProLite RPM A-arms are manufactured using RPM's trademark blend of extremely tough nylons allowing our A-arms the ability to easily shrug off crashes that would break stock parts.

ProLite 4x4 Front A-arms blue

Other design improvements include the removal of the tiny hinge pin retaining screws in favor of a screw in-line with the hinge pin, significantly strengthening our A-arms. RPM A-arms are manufactured to tighter tolerances as well, meaning we eliminated most of the slop between the caster block and A-arms and in the hinge pin holes. This means camber, caster and toe angle settings will maintain their set positions for a much smoother, more consistent, better performing ride. All stock geometry has been retained for simplicity and ease of replacement of stock parts.

Part #: 73522 – Front A-arms for the ProLite 4×4 – Black
Part #: 73525 – Front A-arms for the ProLite 4×4 – Blue
Available 10/02/13
MSRP: $12.95 /pair