Proline Titan Weighted Wheels


RC Rock Crawling fans will love the new wheel just released by Proline Racing, the Titan beadloc weighted wheels! New the Proline Titan wheel comes in an easy 3 piece design as well as 8 oz. of internal add-on weight is included for each wheel!

Proline Racing has also made the Proline Titan beadloc wheels in two different sizes, one for 1/18th scale trucks and for 1/10th scale trucks. The Proline Titan wheel also includes pre-ventilation, aluminum die-cast beadlock, and is available in both black and chrome!


What’s included:

  • Chrome or Black wheel (2)
  • Bead-locking sleeves (2)
  • Die-Cast bead-loc (2)
  • Screw hardware (24)
  • 4oz weights (4) (2 per wheel)
  • O-rings to secure weight to wheel (4) (2 per wheel)

#2713-03 – 2.2″ Titan Chrome/Black Pair
#2713-05 – 2.2″ Titan Black/Black Pair
MSRP: $35.00

#2712-03 – 1.9″ scale Titan Chrome/Black Pair
#2712-05 – 1.9″ scale Black/Black Pair
MSRP: $30.00

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