Proline CGR Scale Master Challenge

Proline Scale Master

Requirement Details:

1. Send Proline Racing your Pro-Line CGR pictures, video link & write up to: [email protected]
2. Write-up: Give Proline Racing a short understanding about you and your CGR:

  • What materials and modifications did you use?
  • Is there a story behind your CGR and your love for the hobby?
  • Where are you from and do for a living?

3. Submission Deadline: May 15, 2009 @ 12pm PST

The $500 GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be announced on MAY 18th, and pictures of the winning ride will be be featured on the homepage.

Disclaimer: By submitting your Pro-Line CGR pictures to [email protected], you automatically grant Pro-Line Racing any marketing, creative and editing rights of your submitted contest pictures. Please do not send duplicate entries of your CGR. Winner can use their winnings on any product.