Pro-line Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion Short Course Truck Body

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Pro-line Pre-Cut Flo Tek Fusion 3458

Pro-line racing has combined two great short course truck bodies, the Flo-Tek and EVO, into one SCT body that might simply be the best yet with the Pre-cut Flo-Tek Fusion. The Flo-Tek Fusion eliminates the parachute effect that’s common in short course truck bodies by adding large vent holes to the hood, roof, and rear of the body.

Pro-line Pre-Cut Flo Tek Fusion back 3458

Pro-line Flo-Tek Fusion Specs

Length: 21.5″ (546mm)
Width: 9.25″ (235mm)
Height: 6.0″ (152mm)
Wheel Base: 12.7″ (323mm)

Part #: 3458-17 – Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion Clear Body for PRO-2 SC, Slash, Slash 4X4, SC5M, 22SCT, Ten-SCTE and Blitz
MSRP: $48.41

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Pro-line Pre-Cut Flo Tek Fusion top 3458

Pro-line Pre-Cut Flo Tek Fusion cut areas 3458

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