Peak Racing 35A Matched IB4200 WC

Peak Racing 35A Matched IB4200 WC

Peak Racing's PowerFlo voltage enhanced Intellect (IB) cells, in the hands of factory driver David Spashett, captured the 2006 IFMAR 1/12th Scale World Championship. Continual updates to the PowerFlo voltage enhancement process, and discharge rates during testing increased to 35 amps to more realistically portray actual racing conditions, keep Peak Racing's matched cell program one step ahead of the rest.

World versions contain the cream-of-the-crop cell with maximum run time and voltage with low internal resistance. HV (high voltage) versions feature lower run times, but are perfect for stock, 19-turn, and spec class racing due to their very high voltage coupled with minimal internal resistance

Peak Racing products can be purchased at hobby shops and race tracks worldwide. Or feel free to contact Peak Racing to discuss and purchase specific products based on your individual requirements. Because our staff includes world-class racers, we can dispense the best advice available and supply products manufactured by those that understand the importance of perfection.

PEK43167 IB4200 WC PowrerFlo 35 World (7.2V – 6-cell)
PEK43168 IB4200 WC PowerFlo 35 HV (7.2V – 6-cell)

PEK43169 IB4200 WC PowerFlo 35 World (4.8V – 4 cell)
PEK43170 IB4200 WC PowerFlo 35 HV (4.8V – 4 cell)

PEK43171 IB4200 WC PowerFlo 35 World (6.0V – 5-cell)
PEK43172 IB4200 WC PowerFlo 35 HV (6.0V – 5-cell)

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