New HPI Savage SS 4.6 Kit with Nitro Star K4.6 Engine!

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HPI Savage 4.6 kit box

New from HPI Racing is a high performance update to unassembled Savage SS monster truck, the Savage SS 4.6! There were subtle signs of the new truck when we saw press release photos of the dual disc break kit, new steering bellcrank/servo saver, and the big air cleaner. A sharp eye would have caught the new engine and other visual clues of this new SS 4.6 truck. Now the entire rig is here. Check out the new features:

HPI 4.6 Engine

The heart of the Savage SS 4.6 is a completely new 4.6cc (.28 cubic inch) engine that pumps out 2.9 horsepower for a top speed of 44 mph and enough power to do wheelies on command! The powerful K4.6 engine has an anodized billet aluminum head to keep it cool even during extreme off-road driving, true ABC construction using a long-life chromed sleeve, an all-new 8.5mm composite carburetor for high performance and improved high temperature tuning, and a pullstarter for easy starting. The addition of our dual chamber polished aluminum tuned pipe provides a wide powerband and higher top speed, optimized with revised 47/17 gearing. And, a new dual stage air filter with increased filtering capacity is included to help protect and extend the life of the K4.6 powerplant.

To handle the extreme power we’ve added heavy duty parts as standard equipment. Front and rear “4 gear” differentials with updated gears are included for added durability. The entire drivetrain is now equipped with heavy duty diff shafts and cup joints for strength and extended service intervals. High grip Dirt Bonz tires put the power to the ground, and they’re nearly 40% lighter than our standard Savage tires for quicker acceleration. To beef up the braking our dual disc brake kit is standard, featuring two vented stainless steel disc brakes and a machined steel brake hub. Even the steering has been upgraded to an accurate cam-type servo saver, delivering quick steering response and added servo protection.

HPI Savage 4.6 Chassis

Since the Savage SS 4.6 is an evolution of the original Savage SS, it includes the features that made the SS so popular. It’s in kit form, not preassembled, so experienced R/C modelers can have the pleasure and satisfaction of building it themselves. Kits also allows owners to build the kit to their exact specifications and customize the truck by adding any option parts such as our Reverse Module, anodized TVP and roll bar sets and Roto Start System during assembly. Since many drivers already have advanced radio systems that are perfect for the Savage SS 4.6, we don't include a radio, which helps lower the price so that we can add high performance hop-up parts and still keep the cost of the truck low. Simply put, kits are fun, convenient and price-conscious!

And, the Savage is one of the toughest R/C monster trucks ever! From the heavy duty TVP chassis design to the massive suspension arms, the Savage SS 4.6 is designed to be driven hard and survive the challenge. And all Savage trucks are supported with a huge assortment of available options parts from HPI and other aftermarket companies, so owners can customize their Savage exactly how they want it. Step up the speed, power and durability of a Savage SS 4.6!

HPI Savage 4.6!
HPI Savage 4.6!

Savage SS 4.6 features:

Nitro Star K4.6 Engine
High torque, 2.9 horsepower engine that is reliable, easy to maintain and easy to tune. Billet aluminum head provides high efficiency cooling, composite carburetor for consistent performance, pull starter equipped for easy starting.

High Performance Polished Tuned Pipe
Dual chamber design for higher top speed and wide power band.

Dirt Bonz Tires
40% lighter than the stock tires for more speed, soft and sticky S-compound rubber for high traction on dirt surfaces.

Dual Disc Brake
Stainless steel, drilled disc brakes provide serious stopping power, enough to do “brakies” on command.

Heavy Duty Diff Shafts and Cup Joints
Hardened for extra strength and to lengthen the time between re-builds.

Adjustable Upper Arms
Turnbuckles allow easy adjustability of the suspension geometry for improved handling and performance.

8 Spoke Wheel Satin Chrome
Realistic styling with a finish that looks like real aluminum, lightweight nylon construction for durability.

4-Gear Differentials
For increased drivetrain durability as well as extended time between maintenance.

Cam Type Servo Saver
Adjustable design allows precise tuning for optimal steering response and extra servo gear protection.

Heavy Duty 3 Shoe Clutch System
The 3 shoe clutch system paired with the massively “torquey” K4.6 engine gives you the power to do wheelies on command!

Optimized Gearing Ratios
With the 47Tooth Spur Gear and 17Tooth Clutch Bell, the Savage is geared for monster torque and wheelies on command!

Heavy Duty Dogbones
A powerful engine requires a heavy duty drivetrain for durability. We’ve got you covered with heavy duty dogbones, diff shafts and cup joints.

Front and Rear Skidplate Bumpers
Realistic skidplate bumpers made of high impact nylon look great and minimize crash damage.

2 Speed!
Adjustable 2 Speed Transmission with heavy duty metal internal gears for durability, bottom end punch and high top speed. Adjustable slipper clutch for drivetrain protection.

Nitro Star K4.6 engine features:

ABC Construction
The K4.6 engine features true ABC (Aluminum, Brass, & Chrome) construction – the ultimate in strength, durability, and high performance. The 8 port sleeve is made from durable chrome plated brass for strength and durability, and the lightened piston is made of lightweight aluminum for optimal performance. The knife-edged aluminum connecting rod is streamlined for performance and includes bushings on each end for added durability and strength.

8 Port Chrome Plated Brass Sleeve
Designed to operate at very high rpm's and crank out serious horse power!

Flushed Screw Settings for Fuel Mixture
The stock carburetor settings are made flush for convenient “back to factory settings.” This avoids unnecessary damage to the needle that other traditional carburetor designs can cause.

Hand Adjustable High Speed Needle
Conveniently tune your engine’s high speed needle by hand – no tools necessary! Tuning your engine just got easier.

Machined Head
Billet aluminum heat sink for better cooling and durability. Machined cut-outs for convenient access to mounting screws for easy disassembly.

Huge, 8.5mm Composite Carburetor
The composite material dissipates heat more efficiently than cast aluminum making your engine idle smoother and run more consistently throughout the whole rpm range.

Durable Finned Aluminum Crankcase
Cast aluminum crankcase is designed for maximum durability and heat dissipation with numerous heat sink fins.

Innovative Dual Stage Air Filter Design
The “High Flow” Dual Stage Air Filter dramatically reduces intake restriction as it smoothes and straightens air flow. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engine’s rpm range. The innovative design also offers unprecedented protection from dirt and dust.

Standard Savage features:

Purple anodized, billet aluminum heatsink engine head
Adjustable upper arms with thick steel turnbuckles
Stiff shock springs
Pre-trimmed unpainted Nitro GT-1 truck body with pre-cut decals
Giant 1/8th scale (16.8″ x 21″)
44+ miles an hour!
Full-time shaft driven four wheel drive
Complete set of rubber sealed ball bearings
High performance aluminum dual chamber tuned pipe
Aluminum high flow tube rear exhaust header
Cast aluminum heavy-duty engine mount
Heavy-duty drivetrain and suspension optimized for big-block engines
Hardened metal differential gears
Heavy-duty chromed steel dogbones
Adjustable 2 speed transmission with heavy-duty metal internal gears
Adjustable slipper clutch
Adjustable disc brake
Wide-track suspension (nearly 17 inches wide!)
Stainless steel inboard hinge pins with anodized aluminum braces
8 long stroke oil-filled coilover shock absorbers
Rigid aluminum TVP chassis (Twin Vertical Plates)
Large 160cc fuel tank
Enclosed radio box for protection of electronics
Front and rear skidplate bumpers
Adjustable body posts (with an extra mount for SUV bodies)
* Compatible with T-Maxx bodies
* Compatible with T-Maxx wheels
* Compatible with T-Maxx tires

Also Available!
— #87032 Reverse Module (using the 3rd channel of the radio system)
— #87110 Roto Start System (will fit Nitro Star K4.6 engine)

#871 Savage SS 4.6 Kit with Nitro Star K4.6 Engine and Nitro GT-1 Truck Body

Suggest retail price: $779.00 (actual selling price will be lower)

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