MIP X-Duty Rear C-Drive kit for the Axial Yeti

MIP X-Duty C-Drive kit for Axial Yeti, 14390

Axial has given bashers and racers alike an RC they can get excited about with the Axial Yeti, but the Yeti comes with a plastic rear driveshaft. MIP knew they could easily improve upon this design and yet the Yeti X-Duty C-Drive was created! The Yeti X-Duty C-Drive kit is made from heat treated alloy steel, using MIP’s popular spline drive technology. Made in the USA!

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MIP CVD for Traxxas Slash

MIP CVDs for the Traxxas Slash

MIP now offers their popular CVD’s for the Traxxas Slash. The new Traxxas Slash CVD’s from MIP feature a new design that features red capture rings to hold the coupling pins in place – no more thread lock and no more set screws. Just insert the pin through the bone and the coupling/axle assembly then slide the ring over the threads on the bell of the bone and screw it in.

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