LRP ZR.21X Spec.2 nitro engine


The new LRP ZR.21X Spec 2 nitro engine’s refined and upgraded features include the new XTEC thermal-protected Works Team 14SV-2 carburetor made from a rigid aluminum alloy (ERGAL), with changeable 6.0mm and 7.0mm Venturi inserts for smoother, more tunable performance. For significantly better heat dissipation, the LRP ZR.21X Spec.2’s blue cooling fins have been angled upward.

LRP ZR.21X Spec.2 Features

  • Race-Competition 1:8 Buggy and Truggy engine.
  • LRP XTEC thermal protected Works Team Carburetor 14SV-2 with 6.0mm and 7.0mm changeable Venturi inserts.
  • Carburetor made from ERGAL (Extra Refined Grain Aluminum) for smoother function.
  • Improved cooling and higher efficiency.
  • LRP Cool Down cylinder-head Spec.2 with special cutouts for additional weight reduction.
  • XTEC competition crankcase.
  • Rear exhaust.
  • 7+1 Ports.

Part #: LRP32111 – LRP ZR.21 X Spec.2 Engine
MSRP: $599.99 – Available: Aug 2010

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