Losi SCTE rear bumper and mud flaps from RPM

RPM Losi-SCTE rear bumper with mud flaps

RPM is on a roll with the Losi SCTE right now, just recently releasing a Losi SCTE skid plate and now releasing a newly designed rear bumper along with mud flaps and a number plate.

The new Losi SCTE bumper from RPM not only looks great but has a number of improvements that go along with it such as being moved further back by 1/2″ to help protect against rear-end collisions.

RPM Losi SCTE mud flaps

RPM also moved the top of the rear bumper up 7/8″ up to better protect your SCTE body in roll overs. Further RPM has added more material around the mounting holes to further strengthen them as well.

RPM Mud Flaps are molded in a soft rubber compound to keep debris from flying from the tires while still having enough flexibility to leave the suspension unaffected when they touch the ground. The mounting holes of the mud flap support arms place the mud flaps at an angled 15°, mimicking a few renegade full-sized short course trucks currently in popular racing series.

Part #: #73032 – Mud Flaps and Number Plate Kit (for use with RPM #73112 only)
Part #: 73112 – Rear Bumper for the Losi Ten-SCTE
MSRP: $11.95 /each

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