Losi closed cell foam inserts

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Losi closed foam insert

Team Losi has released a set of four closed cell foam inserts that are highly durable making them ideal for long mains. The new Losi closed foam inserts can also be used multiple times between various sets of tires making them economical too.

Losi closed cell foam insert features:

  • Closed cell foam is highly durable and won’t break during long events
  • Insert design eliminates air gap between insert and tire
  • Can be used multiple times between different sets of tires
  • Minimal tire balancing required
  • Highly advantageous on tracks that are medium-to-high grip
  • Decreases a tire’s slip angle enhancing vehicle control

Part #: LOSA7731 – Losi closed cell foam insert (set of 4)
MSRP: $16.99

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