IQ Tuning MKI-4 4wd Buggy

IQ Buggy

The latest project from Swiss company IQ tuning is the MKI-4 4wd buggy.

The main features of the MKI-4 are:

  • Weight distribution: Battery as saddle pack at rear & motor at front as XX-4 Grip & Smoothness
  • Symmetric: Saddle pack left & right, motor in the middle »» Performance & easy to drive
  • Suspension: Exactly as XX-4 »» Good grip & round drive
  • Damper: Exactly as XX-4 »» The best Off-Road dampers, especially on bumpy tracks.
  • Two belt drive train: Very efficient & high load capability & easy maintenance.
  • Rollcenter & caster adjustable »» Tunable for all kind of tracks (low to high grip, flat to bumpy).
  • Central one-way Grip in turns & still easy to drive.
  • Double-deck chassis for high rigidity & simple construction.
  • The MKI-4 is available in two versions:
    1. Full Kit: Everything to build a MKI-4
    2. Conversion Kit: All parts to build a MKI-4 together with parts of a XX-4 or XXX-4