GP3900 mAH battery pack from Team Orion

Team Orions Rocket GP3900 battery pack

The ultimate sport battery pack has arrived! Team Orion, in conjunction with GP Batteries, is proud to announce the introduction of an ultra high capacity sport pack featuring GPs all-new 3900 mAh super cells.

With a true 3900 mAh capacity from Team Orion and GPs superb quality and reliability, Team Orion’s Rocket GP3900 battery pack takes the sport battery market to a new level. Maximum capacity extends run times in all vehicles including boats and airplanes. With voltage output and internal resistance nearly as good as GPs 3300 and 3700 cells, they are far superior to any other sport battery pack currently available.

The Team Orion Rocket GP3900 is assembled using low resistance connections to increase power with the added convenience of a pre-installed Tamiya style connector. Team Orion also offers the new GP3900 in a single cell for those of you that want to build your own battery pack!

Team Orion and GP Batteries are happy to offer race level performance and quality at an economical price.

Part #: 10237 Rocket Stick Pack GP3900 7.2v
Part #: 11043 GP3900 Single Cell

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