Sportwerks Turmoil Pro 1/8 4WD ARR Buggy

Sportwerks Turmoil Buggy

The Sportwerks Turmoil Pro is sure to cause a commotion wherever you take it. Factory-built to exacting specifications, the Sportwerks Turmoil Pro brings the ultimate combination of performance parts and competition design to the backyard or the track. From the anodized aluminum parts and rigid chassis bracing, to the advanced steering and suspension design, the Sportwerks Turmoil Pro gives you the perfect package for jumping into nitro racing today. Just install your radio gear and prepare for a no-compromise off-road experience.

Key Features:

  • FCG Chassis 7075 T-6 aluminum, hard anodized
  • Torque Rod Stiffeners
  • Machined Aluminum Inner Suspension Mounts
  • Blue anodized wheel hubs
  • Blue anodized capped wheel nuts
  • 45 degree CVD’s front/rear/center
  • CVD dust boots
  • Hard coated bevel and spider gears
  • 5mm Front and Rear Shock Towers
  • Rubber shock boots
  • Ackerman adjustable steering rack
  • Fuel tank with multi position pressure tap
  • One-piece engine mount
  • 13T clutch bell
  • Aluminum T-6 7075 clutch shoes
  • 007 HT tuned pipe with round header

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Link: Sportwerks Turmoil