For Sale/Trade Vintage Kyosho USA-1 nitro monster truck

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Almost everything seems to be in good working order mechanically, and in good shape visually. I think its been sitting for quite a while, because the engine was locked up. I lubed it up and got it moving freely. it seems to still have some pinch to it. the carb is locked up thought and I can't free it up.

I don't have any nitro stuff anymore, so I can't try to start it, but I tested the electronics and all the servos work. The body is rough, Its set up for a bump box.

the body obviously is rough, but its not the original white one.
it looks like the exhaust manifold broke at some point and they added another coupler to make it work.
the carb is froze up. you may be able to get it apart and clean it, its just gummed up. its an OS engine so shouldn't be hard to find a replacement.
it has an old futaba crystal rx in it, but I'm sure you would replace that anyway. I do not have the TX
one wheel has a very small crack in the lip. doesn't seem to affect anything.
its set up for bump box, so if you don't have one, you would have to convert to pull start. There seems to be plenty of room for one.
one shock is missing the nut on the tower, and it looks like the wrong length screw was used.
I have no way of testing the glow plug.

the chassis plate seems to be flat and strait with no major gouges
the servos work as they should
the diffs look good, and seem to have some sort of weighted oil in them
the brake disk looks good,
tires look good, with no cuts or gouges
the shocks are strait, and rebound correctly. they also have some weighted oil (possibly too heavy, slow rebound) they are also adjustable.
center diff seems to work as it should
engine turns over now, and seems to have some pinch. even with the head off it has resistance, and pops on the downstroke.

Id like it to go to someone that would get it back to its glory days, instead of some kid locally who is just going to beat on it.

I looked around eBay for sold listings and I think $250 is about what its worth. Plus actual shipping from the Houston Texas area.

I don't really RC anymore so I don't have much I would trade for. I have been interested in getting a nice boat for the hood ponds.

bang sticks and accessories would be entertained as well.

I know most of you don't know me, as I haven't been on the forum in years, but the OG's can vouch for me.


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Good luck with the sale @beason.

For those looking at the ad, this is a good guy!


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Somebody needs to buy this, I have a Kyosho Mad Crusher and love it.

Great looking truck @beason


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Actually, the exhaust coupler is supposed to be 90 degree coupler. To free up the carb, you can add some after run oil and let it soak for a couple of days, then you can put in a small screwdriver like those you use for glasses or small plastic stick or even tooth picks near the edge of the hole and that should free it.